Desktop Gold Features

Managing Emails

Personalize your emails to fit your style by changing text size and color, use emoticons, add hyperlinks, alternate between fonts, and more.

Bookmark Favorites

Easily save your bookmarks of mostly visited or your favorite websites to access them easily and quickly.


Desktop Gold automatically fillter all phishing and spam emails to make you safe and secure your emails.

Browsing The Web

The Desktop Gold comes with it's own browser witch will make sure that you're visiting the safe websites only.

Password Manager

Desktop Gold Download browser password manager is a secure and easy way to save and manage your passwords

Chat Room

It is a great geature which allows the suer to connect with people via chat.

A Reliable Assistance Is Just A Call Away!

  • Set Up
  • Protect
  • Downloading
  • Troubleshoot

Benefits of Installing Desktop Gold

The best part of Echo devices is that the setup process takes a few minutes. However, you need to be a bit attentive so that everything happens safely. In case you are stuck anywhere or need a professional helping hand, you can contact our technicians. To set up your smart speaker on your own, perform the actions given below:

  • Easy to install and download: This software is very simple to download and can even be installed with the help of step by step instructions.
  • Chat room: It is great feature which allow you to connect with people via chat. There are chat rooms for a more personal touch.
  • Provision to play games: From puzzles to racing and many others, users can play online Pogo games via this exceptional software.
  • Managing Emails: Users are free to access their emails. They can send and receive emails, add attachments, save their credentials and much more.
  • Browsing the web: Accessing the web through Desktop Gold is just a left hand's task and there is no limitation to browse the uninterrupted web.
  • Access to print from Desktop Gold: If you like a web page, or there some important document, you can simply get it printed through this program.
  • Enabling password manager: you can flawlessly enable as well as disable the password manager in this software. Just go to the password tab to use this feature.
  • Anti-key-logging window: When you are signed into Desktop Gold there is always the risk of data theft. This feature hides the letters or characters you type.
  • Suspicions Alerts: When the users try to visit a certain website and they don't know that it is dangerous, in such a case you will receive an alert display warning.
  • Screenshot capturing: This software prevents other websites and online programs that try to take screenshots of your information. This feature needs to be enabled before using.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can I install Desktop Gold on any mobile device?

NO! At no point, you can install Desktop Gold on any Android or iOS mobile. As, the Soft Desk Gold software is developed to Computer or desktop only. Therefore, no matter- even if you get the Desktop Gold software on your mobile, the process to install will not initiate at any step.

What Our Customers Say

Soft Desk Gold Assist representatives are very courteous! I was having trouble connecting with the WiFi when setting up your Desktop Gold. They heard my issue very patiently and resolved it pretty quickly.

Amelia Miller